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Kathy Ireland’s New Video


Kathy Ireland, a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model talks about her billion dollar empire. Here is a sneak peak video of a new CNBC documentary by Darren Rowell following up on former Sports Illustrated Supermodels and the successes they have achieved in the business world. Check out the story and more videos here: CNBC

Franchise Tips & Advice


The franchise world is taking new directions and one of the most important parts of buying a franchise is doing your homework. After all, it’s not an easy task to determine which franchise is best for you or which one you’d truly enjoy, if any.

Is it all glitz and glamour? Or are there underlying issues that you need to uncover when searching for a franchise? Like any endeavor, it’s wise to do your in depth research and know what to ask to ensure you are getting all the facts.

Did you know about the Franchise Disclosure Document? Do you understand it? A list of experts provide some valuable insight on what you need to know so you can get out there and grill the franchise companies and get inside information you need to invest wisely.

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Entrepreneur-How To Research a Franchise

Money Found In Cupcakes



New York Times

Move over restaurants and bed-and-breakfasts. A new fantasy seems to have taken hold for people who long to own their own business: the cupcakery.

There is no Cupcake Manufacturers Association keeping count, but anecdotal evidence indicates that stand-alone cupcake shops have been spreading not just in the acknowledged cupcake meccas of New York and Los Angeles but also in Boston, Denver, Austin, Tex., and lots of smaller places. Nationwide, cupcake sales, according to the market research firm, Mintel, are projected to rise another 20 percent over the next five years at a time when other baked goods are expected to grow in the single digits.

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Cupcake Business Growing

Tax Guide For Your New Business

Tax season is upon us and you may be wondering how your business will be taxed. After all, businesses are particularly vulnerable to a long list of taxes the government, the state, the county and the city wants to collect from you. Wonderful! Can you think of anyone else? Here’s a list:
  • Federal Income Taxes
  • State Taxes
  • Payroll & Self Employment Taxes
  • Sales Tax and more!
  • Sweating yet? Relax! We’re here to help you find answers and resources and our first Tax Guide recommendation is for you to check out at The Motley Fool.

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