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Zilladog: Website For Kids Launches


You know the saying…”You can have your cake and eat it too.” Well,  if parents can have a webpage then why not kids? is a new website in which parents claim they designed and created for kids.

Features include “Zillamail”, a free and safe email just for kids. Parents can also setup approved buddy lists for their children. is specifically designed for ages 6 to 13. Each member gets a free homepage in which they can customize as they desire. There is a host off other fun and interesting features to provide your children so check it out at

Written by Clint Davis

“Idol” Creator To Launch New Company


Simon Fuller, the creator of American Idol, has struck a deal to launch a new entertainment

company. Not only does the deal include a profit sharing provision for Fuller, but it also allows

CKX, a parent company of 19 Entertainment, to invest in Fuller’s new company.

Fuller will remain in control as executive producer for American Idol and an executive of other

Shows already in progress. Says Fuller, “As an entrepreneur…starting a new company fills

Me with great excitement.”

By Georg Szalai; Edited by Clint Davis

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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