On June 13, 2011, a news website The Register reports that Twitter has filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization citing “cybersquatting” and trademark infringement charges as cause to gain control over the domain twiter.com – a web property they could use to redirect to their official website should anyone accidentally type “twiter.com” with a single letter “t”.

Truly, twiter.com would be a hot commodity for the social network and most likely help create more hits and traffic. Although the twiter.com domain was registered a full two years (in 2004) before Twitter registered theirs, Twitter will have to prove that it was registered in bad faith.

Twiter.com appears to have changed ownership one or more times and may give Twitter just enough of an edge to win their case. Interestingly, Twitter made the decision to take the route of filing through ICANN’s Unform Dispute Resolution Policy rather than using the courts.

Source: The Register