From personal computers to notebooks to netbooks to tablets and quickly closing in on fashionable wrist wear The personal computer has come a long way in such a short time. From small monochrome screens to huge HD flat screen monitors and now narrowing back down to photo frame sized HD quality screens that, according to Steve Jobs, “fill a niche.” Netbooks appeared to be close to filling that niche but Amazon and Apple’s Steve Jobs proved them wrong. The popularity of netbooks grew fast but their lifespan fell horribly short. Enter the iPad.

Steve Jobs said that the wave of the future is mobile devices.

Thanks to Apple and the introduction of the iPad, tablet computing

and gaming have become widely accepted among the masses and

other companies are quick to follow suit.

Apple iPad users are making claims in many of the online forums that they are using their desktops, laptops, and even iPhones less and less. Many users are even going so far as to claim them as “dust magnets” now that they have an iPad due to its many functions and features. One particular forum member says…”The iPad has completely changed the way I use computers.”

So now we might truly wonder, what is the future of Apple”s Mac Mini, iMacs, and all other forms of PC’s by other companies altogether? Will the likes of the Mac Mini be the first to go? The introduction of Apple’s iPad obviously raises the question about the future of some of their current products with the popularity of the iPad and its  future ability to function like a laptop.

Also, companies are now incorporating software and chips into

tv’s that can, and will, do everything a computer can. So will iMac’s be replaced with an actual 60″ Apple technology induced TV?

An HD flat screen with a camera lens, an Apple logic board and software

built in to use side by side with Facebook and DirectTV?

How much life is left for current computer platforms? Will the Mac Mini possibly get one or two more revisions and then be discontinued altogether? Will iMacs survive or be replaced with high powered tablets that could include an HDMI or maybe a “mini HDMI” port to connect a monitor to? Or perhaps tablets will forego monitor connections altogether and incorporate micro

projectors for use on any surface, anywhere, anytime?

The future of computing has arrived and these features and more

are being developed as we type. In just a few short years you can

most likely count on carrying around a “keyring computer” on your

key fob with a micro projector that will allow you to compute on

any surface, anywhere, anytime! Virtual keyboard! Data banks filled with your entire personal info, documents, and work folders that you can wirelessly access anytime on the fly at the press of a virtual button! Google will make sure of it. And Apple will want to be at the forefront of the competition.

Thus the introduction of “keyring” computers is closer than you think. So what might Apple introduce in a keyring form? And what would Apple call it? The iFob? Oh yeah! The future of computing is here folks and coming to a keyring near you!

RIP oh desktops and laptops in the Valley of Intel!

Written by Clint Davis