Music and Fashion somehow go hand in hand. And when the two intermesh and create harmony, it’s an amazing feat!

MusicaWear, a music based contemporary woman’s clothing line established in 2008, tackles that feat with great success. MusicaWear Clothing will be featured at the 2010 Fashion Front Awards and the 2010 Empire State Fashion Show in New York. We were fortunate enough to be granted an interview with the Founders of Musicawear and get a closer look at their roots and rise to success.

Q. Who are the founders of Musicawear?

A. “MusicaWear Clothing is basically a family business. There are 2 designers of MusicaWear we are publically known as Rocky and Roxy. Our older brother Ronnel, is our creative director while our mom contributes financially (we like to call her MusicaWear’s primary investor). And our uncle owns a garment factory in Atlanta where the MusicaWear pieces are manufactured.”

Q. When and where did MusicaWear begin?

A. “We’re located in New York City and we came up with the idea to start MusicaWear in the summer of 2008. Roxy came up with the idea to start a clothing line one day while Rocky was reading out loud from Russell Simmons’ book entitled, ‘Do You’. While Rocky was reading, I started sketching out ideas for women’s clothing. I always wanted to style my own wardrobe and since the book was on entrepreneurship it was only natural to come up with the idea to start a fashion line.

We shared our idea with some people we knew and they didn’t think it would amount to much in the way of success of a fashion line with no credentials. So we decided our brand needed a unique catch phrase. Our family has a musical background and we discovered there was not many fashion lines that

cater to the music lover niche market. So we decided to incorporate music in all our designs to give women like us who appreciate music, a fashion outlet to express themselves. After days of brainstorming working together as a family, we finally came up with the name MusicaWear.”

How did the idea for the name come about?

“We knew we had a fashion line based on music so we searched through lists of musical terms to help us create a name. We were trying to make up a unique word so that whenever someone did a search on Google, our brand name would be the only thing that came up. As we stated, we were brainstorming a name for about two hours and decided to stick with MusicaWear once we thought of it.”

Q. Where did Musicawear first appear?

A. “We started out selling graphic t-shirts on the internet. Our first public appearance was at a couture show in Brooklyn, New York where some of the models wore our shirts. We also sold t-shirts at that show. It was the first time we ever sold outside of our web store, but once we did, it gave us the confidence to start selling at other fashion shows, performance venues and expos.”

Q. How did you get selected for the 2010 Fashion Front Awards?

A. “The Fashion Front Awards is an event that showcases up and coming designers in N.Y.C and L.A. After screening many designers, MusicaWear Clothing was chosen as one of (about) eight designers eligible for the 2010 Fashion Front Award. We didn’t even know we were up for the award at first. We just thought our new line of dresses were being showcased at the event. However, after doing a walk-through at the venue where the awards will be held, the director of the Lawrence Blake Group informed us that we were nomnated for the award.”

Q. What is next for MusicaWear?

A. “Our primary target market is high school and college females so we’re going to continue having our garments featured in fashion shows at high schools and colleges. As our brand grew, we started getting booked at industry fashion events. With our new-found credentials, one of our next goals is to push MusicaWear Clothing into fashion boutiques first locally and then nationally.  Eventually, we would love to have a celebrity rocking out in MusicaWear clothing!

We’re also very adamant about inspiring other young entrepreneurs. When other young adults see us accomplishing these new and great achievements, we hope it inspires them to chase after their dreams as well, even if that means taking risks and facing adversity. We want to get to the level of success where we can use our experiences and our example to empower others to work hard and chase after their dreams.”

MusicaWear is well on their way to creating big success. They are a superbly talented group of entrepreneurs with great marketing skills and business savvy.

They present fresh and exciting ideas in their marketing and clothing designs to their target audience. It’s very effective and so is their brand. You won’t want to miss following them on their journey to the top.


Written by Jerry Buys