An experiment leads an ex-club owner to millions in pancake batter. Sean O’Connor, who, in 2001, co-owned a San Francisco club that featured punk bands with yak burgers and bear meat chili, turned his attention to cheap, convenient snacks. While experimenting with whipped cream cans and funnel cake that went awry, he came up with another idea – stuffing pancake mix into pressurized cans for a fast, easy breakfast.

Sean left the restaurant business in 2005 and filed patents for his creation called Batter Blaster, an organic combination of pancake and waffle mix in a pressurized can. Then began promoting his new product via social networking, word of mouth, and other publicity methods. Now, Mr. O’Connor has 16 employees and Batter Blaster sells in some 13,000 outlets across the nation including Costco.

Batter Blaster generated $15 million in 2008 and anticipates final earnings to top $19.5 million for last year. Such fast food convenience is not only hassle-free but also fun to use. Plans for new flavors and brightly colored batters are in the works. Just spray and cook!

By Joe Piazza; Edited by Clint Davis

Source: CNN