He has his share of bankruptcies, but he couldn’t be a savvier self-marketer.

How does Donald Trump avoid the pitfalls that plague other business moguls such as John Thain and Ken Lewis? And on top of it all, his popularity remains enormous.

Especially popular for his one liner trademark, “You’re fired!”, his popular TV Show – The Celebrity Apprentice – yet again is scheduled to air for another season. Amidst some business mishaps Mr. Trump has encountered recently, his success and popularity remain high and there is still quite a lot one can learn from his leadership success.

The art of defining his brand and leveraging that brand to appeal to a broader base of customers is something to admire. With that, his high standards of quality and consumer value associated with his brand help define his core values and expectations both within his company and into the marketplace. Mr. Trump surely knows how to define his brand and capitalize on it too.

He works hard to create his image, maintain it, and use it to expand into new businesses and new areas of profit. He’s also well known for being someone you can trust since he could be considered a “comeback kid’ who has personally experienced success, failure, and then snapping back with greater success. A testimonial to his art of management and oversight. For instance, people believe that Best Buy knows electronics the way Donald Trump knows real estate and clothing.

It’s all about management! You need to know what your core competency is before you attempt other avenues of growth. Learn to evaluate and reduce risks while at the same time maintaining an image that keeps building credibility.

In the world of business, size does not matter. It’s all about the branding and image you portray to your customers. You may never become the large multi-billion dollar company you had dreamt about. But it’s all about creating a brand that produces long term success and stability in the marketplace.

Like Mr. Trump, use every opportunity to pitch yourself and your business(es) 24/7. Don’t hide behind the CEO office door. Exposure plays an important role in generating interest, traffic, and long term success.

Written by Shaun Rein; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source – Forbes