Share your consumer research and marketing knowledge with your employees so they can deliver to customers and help build your business.

Last February, Starbucks issued a press release stating  that it would shut down all of its 7,100 stores for two hours to conduct an employee training event. Was that necessary or a publicity stunt?

Internal branding can also be referred to as internal communications but is also more focused on the “how” of what needs to done and why.

There were other underlying reasons behind the move than just “training” and free publicity. It was a form of internal branding. That all employees would be trained in unison with the knowledge and mindset to deliver to customers what Starbucks expected of them.

After all, you spend a great deal of time and effort researching and preparing for external marketing how much more can you leverage your business by doing the same with internal branding. What’s imperative here is that you don’t want to take what you know and put it away somewhere where no one can find it. Share important parts of your insight and findings with your employees to help your business grow and prosper. What your employees think, say, and do can have a significant impact on you and your business.

Written by Steve McKee; Edited by Clint Davis

Source – Businessweek