A new up and coming social network called Blippy will let you share your credit card purchases with others online. Philip Kaplan, creator of AdBrite, plans to launch his latest project in the near future. Right now, if you visit Blippy.com, you will find a  a basic introduction page in which you can request an invitation to check out their beta program.

Mr. Kaplan gave up his chief executive role at AdBrite last year but still remains as chairman and a major shareholder. Mr. Kaplan states that “the idea (behind Blippy) is that most Americans carry 2-3 credit cards. You sign one of them up to with the site to be the social card.” So for instance, if you use your registered “social card” to make a purchase at Starbucks, all your friends immediately know you are currently at Starbucks and can come join you.

Written by Don Steinberg; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source: Full Story & Interview – NY Times