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New Site For Fitness Pros

0 claims to be the “Premier Online Fitness Directory.”

A service strictly for fitness professionals where they can post a complete

profile of themselves including pictures, videos, contact info, session rates and more  to promote their skills and knowledge to their clients or prospects.

Membership is free and the site is simple and elegant and just might

offer everything you could be looking for to promote yourself and your

services. GOALBODY.COM

Written by Bill Sorensen

Google’s Cell Phone Controversy


What’s up with Google phones?

Negative news is seeping in about lack of sales of Google mobile phones. The recent battle with China tends to be having an affect on Google’s ability to produce enough cell phones to satisfy sales orders. Reports of delays related to launches of Motorola and Samsung phones are spreading everywhere.

Indeed, Google stands to grow and profit by promoting its web services through mobile devices. But some analysts are questioning Google’s business decisions centered around mobile devices and their recently released Android OS. And the initial launch of the Nexus One did stir up some controversy when some customers complained that the phone didn’t work properly. But Google was well aware of what was going on and claim to have worked to resolve the issues quickly.

Despite a lackluster launch of the Nexus One and other Android packing phones, Google continues to launch new devices and work through its issues.

Written by Elizabeth Woyke; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source: Forbes

Zilladog: Website For Kids Launches


You know the saying…”You can have your cake and eat it too.” Well,  if parents can have a webpage then why not kids? is a new website in which parents claim they designed and created for kids.

Features include “Zillamail”, a free and safe email just for kids. Parents can also setup approved buddy lists for their children. is specifically designed for ages 6 to 13. Each member gets a free homepage in which they can customize as they desire. There is a host off other fun and interesting features to provide your children so check it out at

Written by Clint Davis

“Idol” Creator To Launch New Company


Simon Fuller, the creator of American Idol, has struck a deal to launch a new entertainment

company. Not only does the deal include a profit sharing provision for Fuller, but it also allows

CKX, a parent company of 19 Entertainment, to invest in Fuller’s new company.

Fuller will remain in control as executive producer for American Idol and an executive of other

Shows already in progress. Says Fuller, “As an entrepreneur…starting a new company fills

Me with great excitement.”

By Georg Szalai; Edited by Clint Davis

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Audi R8 Spyder: VIDEO


Startups Are Not Fueled By Recessions


The Kauffmann Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on entrepreneurs, released a report last week stating that new business startups has remained consistent over the years despite economic conditions.

Other research data, including that from the U.S. Census Bureau and the SBA, gathered from 1977 all the way to March 2009, shows that approximately 600,000 new businesses were developed each year. Many people tend to believe that, as people lose jobs, they rush to find a way to start their own business or promote that invention or big idea they had tucked away in the back of their minds. But according to Kauffmann researchers, there is not enough proof to support that type of pattern.

Amazingly, on the flip side, other findings show that most Fortune 500 companies actually began during tough economic times.

Our Own Input

But who of us small business owners and entrepreneurs care anything about data anyway? We have a vision and a goal. Right? Some of us will survive. Others won’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other find ways to create success in some way or another. Let’s keep working to build and support one another and grow to success.  Best wishes everyone! – Exec Bytes

By Elizabeth Montalbano; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source: CNN

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How do I apply?

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Twitter Profits From Your Tweets


Twitter is now $25 million richer from two sweet deals with Google and Microsoft that allows the two search giants to make your posts public. In a multiyear deal, Twitter now stands to profit from your tweets. Early in its inception, Twitter focused mainly on building its community. Now, three years later, it appears they are looking for ways to create profit. But that’s not all! They plan to “open” Twitter even more in the future. All this in the name of generating profits and remaining profitable. But hey! They need the money to operate right?

But think of the benefits. For example, Marissa Mayer, Google’s Vice-President of Search Products and User Experience, wrote on Oct. 21 on Google’s blog after the deals were announced. “The next time you search for something that can be aided by real-time observation, say, snow conditions at your favorite ski resort, you’ll find tweets from other users who are there and sharing the latest and greatest information.” So the tradeoff is worth it right? Ahem.

And just think what it could possibly do for us entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for a major boost to our businesses and endeavors by making our tweets public. Oh yeah! See? Now you feel much better don’t you?

After all, the only way they could possibly benefit from us is by selling more advertising and provide targeted search ads. Think about it! How many members talk about the products they love on Twitter? Ah, now that paints a big picture doesn’t it? Anything else they can capitalize on? Of course! How about new commercial accounts for businesses? Just think how your business could benefit by allowing you to pay to analyze your tweet traffic! Wouldn’t you pay for that?

It will be interesting to see what develops over the course of this new year on Twitter. Meanwhile, how about all of us small time entrepreneurs “tweetup” for some serious brainstorming on how we can all build profitable businesses for ourselves?  I heavily suspect partnerships are going to be the road to the bank this year.

Enough said! I think.

Written by Spencer E. Ante; Edited by Clint Davis – SOURCE: Businessweek

Tax Guide For Your New Business

Tax season is upon us and you may be wondering how your business will be taxed. After all, businesses are particularly vulnerable to a long list of taxes the government, the state, the county and the city wants to collect from you. Wonderful! Can you think of anyone else? Here’s a list:
  • Federal Income Taxes
  • State Taxes
  • Payroll & Self Employment Taxes
  • Sales Tax and more!
  • Sweating yet? Relax! We’re here to help you find answers and resources and our first Tax Guide recommendation is for you to check out at The Motley Fool.

    EB Staff

    Tips For Selling Your Business

    Thinking about selling out? Or do you positively know you’re selling out but not sure how to prepare for it? Selling can be stressful in itself as it can raise many concerns including whether the time is right and how can I maximize the sale? Just make sure you prepare wisely and long before your chosen sale date arrives.
    For most small businesses, there is a common process that should be followed and the more you prepare the more you can anticipate a satisfied outcome.  Barbara Taylor, a co-owner of a business brokerage in Arkansas says you need to start by asking yourself 3 questions.
    1. Are you ready to sell?
    2. What is your business worth?
    3. Are you prepared to sale your buiness now?
    There is a difference between being ready (emotionally) to sell and prepared (itemized list) to sell. Barbara states that you better get your books in order first. Accurate financial information is mandatory to prevent scrutiny from a prospective buyer.
    Nowadays, most buyers interested in a business utilize the internet to locate the particular type of business and property they seek. Two primary marketing documents you should have available is a one page document describing highlights of your business and also a comprehensive prospectus available for serious buyers who have signed a confidentiality agreement.
    Also, its wise to ask potential buyers for some basic background information of their own including previous ownerships, education, source of funds and reasons they want to buy your business.
    Finally, after both parties have shared their information and when you know you are ready to negotiate the deal and finalize it, ask for an offer. But be realistic!
    Avoid surprises and cover yourself with a tax accountant and a lawyer that can help you understand what the consequences will be for the terms you may decide to accept.
    Written by Barbara Taylor; Edited by Clint Davis
    For full story and more info -NYT
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