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When Apple purchased last year, everyone naturally thought that would be the name of their new tablet device – the iPad.

Now that we know the name of Apple’s iPad, what we don’t know is what is going on at Below is an image of the homepage the way it appeared on March 20, 2010 and lists the domain as registered by Enero 6 Corporation. Enero being spanish for January.


But now the homepage looks like this and states is “COMING SOON.”


Even though Enero 6 Corporation is still listed as the registered owner, it makes us wonder and raises the questions who, what, and when? Another Apple mystery waiting to be solved! Any ideas or facts anyone?

New Arabic To English Translation Site


Lost in English to Arabic translation or vice-versa? A new website launching today aims to provide automatic translation with hope that it will help promote peace between Middle East and Western civilizations. The new website ran in beta mode for ten months and officially launches today. Interestingly, the new website operates where a government closely monitors the internet but so far the site continues to operate without getting blocked by government firewalls.

Written by Ryan Singel


Did Google Break Wiretap Laws?


EPIC, or the Electronic Privacy Information Center, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commissions last Tuesday in an effort to expose Google Buzz as violating consumer privacy laws and suggests that Google may have even gone so far as to have broken federal wiretap laws as well.

Written by Bob Sullivan


Pay Per View News on the Horizon


Still excited about buying that iPad? Coming to a home or mobile device near you. NEWS! That is, if you want it bad enough to pay for it.  Free news online is coming to an end sometime soon. Like next year!

We already know major news providers are striking deals to format their content for so called “e-readers.” It’s only a matter of time that you will be given the “privilege” to view news articles after you pay for them. Anyone got a quarter? I need one to put into the slot on the side of my new iPad so i can read the news. So much for sarcasm.

Read Full Story: Inquirer

Wii Test for Diabetes


Pharmaceutical companies are gearing up to provide consumers with

apps and devices for video-game consoles and mobile devices.

Bayer, for instance, has a glucometer that will connect to your Wii

to promote consistent blood sugar testing in diabetic children.

Drug makers can no longer rely on making big money based on popular

drugs so now they are turning to technology to create apps and services

that target consumer devices. You don’t think MONEY has anything to do

with it do you? Get the answer……..


New Biomedical Device to Launch

Applied Physiology Ltd., a company that develops biomedical devices, appointed a new CEO in time for its launch of the Navigator System that’s designed to target flow and pressure in the body’s circulatory system.

Philip Daffas, the newly appointed CEO, has a wide range of experience

related to innovative medical products and marketing. The Navigator

System is set to launch early this year.

Source: News Maker

Tech Insurance for Your Company


A new suite of insurance products specifically targeted toward

smaller technology companies has been announced by Hub

International – a U.S. insurance broker.

The new integrated suite will offer options and enhancements

normally only offered large corporations. Developed in cooperation

with CNA, the plan will include coverage for a variety of technology

sectors including internet and telecommunications.

Options for coverage will include management liability, comprehensive

general liability, worker’s compensation, umbrella coverage and more.

Additional coverage for personal, automobile, electronic data liability,

and more is available as well. Both Hub and CNA believe that middle market

companies are in need of such coverage and have teamed up to provide such

companies a viable insurance solution.

Source: TMC

Pay Up or Your Computer Dies


Hijacking computers pays! In a technique dubbed “ransomware”,

computer criminals generally send spam emails to try to trick unsuspecting users into buying “products” or warning them of the need to “update” their account information.

But now, the FBI  has a warning against new software programs they call “rogueware.” These clever thieves claim that their program will find viruses on your computer and then they offer you the option to “clean” your computer for only $50. So far, internet users have paid approximately $150 million for such scams.

PC criminals are finding new ways to get unsuspected users to pay up and they’re not trying to hide it much anymore either. They often make claims using messages in their programs that say something like, “Google recommends that you install this…” or “Microsoft warns that you should allow this feature be turned on”, then suddenly they make it look like your computer is infected with 500 viruses. Next thing you know, you can’t access your information because the criminal(s) encrypted it and now they demand that you pay them a ransom for your information and promise to “release” your information so you have access to it again.

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself if you determine that your computer may be infected. Read the tips at MSNBC

Written by Bob Sullivan; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Apple iPad for Schools in Georgia?


Georgia Senate voted 65-5 to qualify e-readers as textbooks among other computer hardware. According to the bill, school districts would have the option to offer modern alternatives for disseminating digital information.

This only makes sense since textbooks are currently undergoing digital transformation and can be downloaded to electronic devices.

Supporters of the measure believe this would help students learn faster and better since information would be more readily available.

Others charge that Georgia state funds are already under strain and that the state will spend $45 million on new textbooks alone. Still, the majority of statewide education organizations support the bill.

Written by Ernie Suggs; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source: AJC

Apple iPad Launch Video



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