$100 Oil in 2011


Oil is expected to reach $100 a barrel in 2011 the Wall Street Journal reports.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal

Double Bets Are On MGM


cityDouble Bets Are On MGM Optimism for Las Vegas rebound takes root as traders look to MGM for profits.

As MGM expands its casino and gaming complex, investors seek to purchase stock at twice it’s current value, Bloomberg reports. MGM, which opened its new $8.5 billion resort, City Center, on Dec. 1, is hoping the move will help reduce a debt load of $13 billion.

It is expected that travel to Las Vegas will increase by 7 percent in 2010, thus building optimism for creating profits. Joshua Belanger, founder of, claims it’s a long shot. “But”, he says, “given how much these names can move, it could give them some bang for their buck.”

Written by Jeff Kearns; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source – Bloomberg

FORBES: 2010 Investment Guide



In this age of financial information overload, rare is the advice that helps you clear a path through the clutter and confusion and achieve your long-term objectives. That’s what the Forbes 2010 Investment Guide is designed to do. We offer ideas to help you take care of your family financially, think creatively about career options, minimize the cost of investing and taxes, allocate your assets smartly, protect yourself from Wall Street’s sharpies and enjoy the fruits of your labors along the way.


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