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Startups Are Not Fueled By Recessions


The Kauffmann Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on entrepreneurs, released a report last week stating that new business startups has remained consistent over the years despite economic conditions.

Other research data, including that from the U.S. Census Bureau and the SBA, gathered from 1977 all the way to March 2009, shows that approximately 600,000 new businesses were developed each year. Many people tend to believe that, as people lose jobs, they rush to find a way to start their own business or promote that invention or big idea they had tucked away in the back of their minds. But according to Kauffmann researchers, there is not enough proof to support that type of pattern.

Amazingly, on the flip side, other findings show that most Fortune 500 companies actually began during tough economic times.

Our Own Input

But who of us small business owners and entrepreneurs care anything about data anyway? We have a vision and a goal. Right? Some of us will survive. Others won’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other find ways to create success in some way or another. Let’s keep working to build and support one another and grow to success.  Best wishes everyone! – Exec Bytes

By Elizabeth Montalbano; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source: CNN

Lose Weight; Make Money


Do you desire to lose weight but find it difficult to discipline yourself? Will earning money for losing weight get you motivated? This idea has been swirling for a few years now among companies offering incentives to help employees shed the pounds.. The reasoning is, that people who are healthier and not obese help companies reduce health care costs.

But now, a new website has emerged called HealthyWage and is offering to pay anyone who loses a pre-determined amount of weight over a one year period. Interested? Keep reading!

Corporate sponsors offer cash rewards through the website and members who reach the goal of achieving a healthy body mass reportedly can earn a small cash reward. Membership is free and the final deadline to participate in the next 12 month challenge is January 20.

For more information go to or

Read Full Story:: Time – Health

Written by Carolyn Sayre; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Lower Your Tax Bill – Here’s How


Here’s a few tips on making a few small decisions that could save you lots of anguish later on.

If there’s one thing certain about business, it’s that you’re going to have to pay taxes. Knowing which taxes your business will have to pay and how much can help save some much needed operating money. After all, one mistake can cost you if you’re not careful.

Planning now for next year is not only wise but can help you determine how to minimize your taxes so prepare cautiously and it might even be a good idea to get second opinions to maximize deductions. If you are not careful to manage your business carefully, you could end up in trouble. There are a variety of taxes for business:

  • Income taxes
  • Employment taxes
  • Sales taxes
  • Excise taxes

Accurate recordkeeping is a must. Use a software based system that enable you to track your income and expenses. Create file systems to store and track your receipts. Keep a log of the mileage you use on your vehicle. Under the tax law, most of your expenses for business are deductible. Stay current with changes in the tax law. It changes often throughout the year based on legislation, court hearings, and IRS rulings.

Finally, be cautious to place trust just in your tax preparer. Finding a professional for a second opinion with dual degrees both in tax preparation and tax law could possibly save you from any complicated tax matters that could arise because your tax preparer did not know the latest laws or was misinformed.

Written by Elizabeth Wasserman; Edited by Bill Sorensen


Marketing In Times Of Uncertainty


Don’t market your company blindly! Take advantage of strategic marketing now!

Is your company growth slowing down or sliding backwards? Perhaps all you need is a new marketing plan. Company growth is largely based on marketing techniques. And during these times of uncertainty, no doubt you seek any edge for growth you can find.

Philip Kotler,, a well known marketing expert at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University provides insight about marketing. In an interview with Marshall Goldsmith he provides some helpful tips.

Cutting Marketing Budgets – Is it Wise?

According to Mr. Kotler, about 1 out of every 20 ad campaigns really provide a financial contribution and a memorable, motivating message. Companies would be smarter to use that money to make a better product.

Should Marketing Maxims be Preserved in Bad Times?

There are three Mr. Kotler recommends:

1. Know your target customers and provide them with better solutions than your competitors.

2. Your branding must reflect through everyone in your business including employees, suppliers, distributors, etc…

3. Work to innovate your products and services continuously.

About Making Changes in Marketing

Most marketing departments work on the ideas for developing and launching a product so they are more tactical, not strategic. They don’t really drive a company’s growth strategy. Think about appointing a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) whose goal is to help a company grow by bringing the customer’s point of view to the company’s management, develops better measures toward creating different marketing techniques, enhance the company’s brands and aids the marketing department in developing new marketing skills.

Written  by Marchall Goldsmith; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source – Businessweek

Learn Business From Donald Trump


He has his share of bankruptcies, but he couldn’t be a savvier self-marketer.

How does Donald Trump avoid the pitfalls that plague other business moguls such as John Thain and Ken Lewis? And on top of it all, his popularity remains enormous.

Especially popular for his one liner trademark, “You’re fired!”, his popular TV Show – The Celebrity Apprentice – yet again is scheduled to air for another season. Amidst some business mishaps Mr. Trump has encountered recently, his success and popularity remain high and there is still quite a lot one can learn from his leadership success.

The art of defining his brand and leveraging that brand to appeal to a broader base of customers is something to admire. With that, his high standards of quality and consumer value associated with his brand help define his core values and expectations both within his company and into the marketplace. Mr. Trump surely knows how to define his brand and capitalize on it too.

He works hard to create his image, maintain it, and use it to expand into new businesses and new areas of profit. He’s also well known for being someone you can trust since he could be considered a “comeback kid’ who has personally experienced success, failure, and then snapping back with greater success. A testimonial to his art of management and oversight. For instance, people believe that Best Buy knows electronics the way Donald Trump knows real estate and clothing.

It’s all about management! You need to know what your core competency is before you attempt other avenues of growth. Learn to evaluate and reduce risks while at the same time maintaining an image that keeps building credibility.

In the world of business, size does not matter. It’s all about the branding and image you portray to your customers. You may never become the large multi-billion dollar company you had dreamt about. But it’s all about creating a brand that produces long term success and stability in the marketplace.

Like Mr. Trump, use every opportunity to pitch yourself and your business(es) 24/7. Don’t hide behind the CEO office door. Exposure plays an important role in generating interest, traffic, and long term success.

Written by Shaun Rein; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source – Forbes

Tweet Your Credit Card Purchases


A new up and coming social network called Blippy will let you share your credit card purchases with others online. Philip Kaplan, creator of AdBrite, plans to launch his latest project in the near future. Right now, if you visit, you will find a  a basic introduction page in which you can request an invitation to check out their beta program.

Mr. Kaplan gave up his chief executive role at AdBrite last year but still remains as chairman and a major shareholder. Mr. Kaplan states that “the idea (behind Blippy) is that most Americans carry 2-3 credit cards. You sign one of them up to with the site to be the social card.” So for instance, if you use your registered “social card” to make a purchase at Starbucks, all your friends immediately know you are currently at Starbucks and can come join you.

Written by Don Steinberg; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source: Full Story & Interview – NY Times

Double Bets Are On MGM


cityDouble Bets Are On MGM Optimism for Las Vegas rebound takes root as traders look to MGM for profits.

As MGM expands its casino and gaming complex, investors seek to purchase stock at twice it’s current value, Bloomberg reports. MGM, which opened its new $8.5 billion resort, City Center, on Dec. 1, is hoping the move will help reduce a debt load of $13 billion.

It is expected that travel to Las Vegas will increase by 7 percent in 2010, thus building optimism for creating profits. Joshua Belanger, founder of, claims it’s a long shot. “But”, he says, “given how much these names can move, it could give them some bang for their buck.”

Written by Jeff Kearns; Edited by Bill Sorensen

Source – Bloomberg

Pilgrim’s Pride Arises From Bankruptcy


pil_priWhat do you get when you cross an entrepreneur with an expert? William Snyder saves Lonnie “Bo” Pilgrim from bankruptcy and restores profitability.

Just one year after seeking bankruptcy protection, Pilgrim’s Pride said on Monday they no longer need protection. One of the largest chicken producers in the U.S., Pilgrim’s Pride claims they have struck a deal which includes the sale of a majority of their stake to JBS SA – a Brazilian meat company. Pilgrim’s Pride also said new shares in the company will begin trading today under the symbol “PPC” (PPC N).

William Snyder, a managing partner from CRG Partners, took on the role as chief officer to restructure Pilgrim’s Pride which also now includes a mix of additional products.

Pilgrim’s Pride was awarded reorganization by a U.S. bankruptcy judge on Dec. 10.

This story originally appeared on Reuter’s - Reporting by Emily Chasan in NY ; Edited by Bill Sorensen

SOURCE…. Rueter’s

2010 Entrepreneur Forecast


Entreprreneurship & Leadership

Frederick E. Allen

Everyone running America’s biggest businesses will be talking about innovation as the way out of the hard times of the past couple of years.

Helen Coster

Many unemployed Americans won’t return to traditional corporate jobs. They will instead become independent contractors, piecing together freelance work to create the equivalent of full-time jobs.

Full Story – Forbes

VIDEO: Incorporate or Form An LLC?


Source – CBS Marketwatch

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